Luxembourg II.


Luxembourg, a grand duchy, located between France, Germany, and Belgium, was for long European Community’s smallest and coolest wine producer now rivalled by Great Britain.

The Moselle River represents the border with Germany, and on both banks of the river vineyadrs dominate the scenery.

Before World War I, elbling was the most popylar grape variety. Elbling wines were exported in bulk to Germany as a sparkling wine base, but after the German sparkling wine market collapsed due to a treaty vintners found themselves in dire straits.

Grape growers started to switch to international grape varieties for their appeal quietly, and as quickly as possible

Vineyards are concentrated in Luxembourg’s cantons of Remick and Grevenmacher. Some vineyards in Grevenmacher are terraced due to the valley’s shape.

The country has one appellation called Moselle Luxembourgoise.

All wines produced suing locally grown fruit are entitles to the appellation, although all must be submitted to tasting and laboratory analysis.

Superior quality wines are classified as vins classes, First cru, or Grand cru.

Since 1935 Marque national (Natural Seal of Approval) has been an acceptable standard for all wines vinted using local grape varieties.

The following grape varieties are now popular with growers – riesling, pinot gris, pinot blanc, gewurztraminer, rivaner, chardonnay and elbling, and for red wines pinot noir.

The total acreage of Luxembourg is approximately 800 hectares.
Six co-operatives are combined, plus 52 estates and Domaine de Vinmoselle represent the industry.
Luxembourg’s sparkling wines enjoy good popularity in Belgium and at home.
Most of the exports go to Belgium (66 per cent), France and Germany.

In addition, thousands of Germans and French travel on week ends to visit the culturally rich and gastronomically famous city of Luxembourg. It also has many museums worth visiting. Many of these visitors also travel to wineries to taste and buy Moselle wines which are light, low in alcohol, fragrant and very pleasant with or without food.

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