One of Europe’s smallest and charming capitals – Luxembourg City, offers visitors countless attractions, with its centuries-old castles, museums, fine restaurants and stunning location, Both Napoleon and Hitler extended their empires to include this small but very prosperous duchy, but despite decades of power struggles and political upheaval, Luxembourg has embraced democracy, harmony and industry.

Luxembourg City has maintained its medieval character with its cobbled and narrow streets in the old town. All buildings and streets hare are proportional and small, except the Grand Ducal Palace, built in 1573, now open to the public. The imposing late-gothic Notre Dame Cathedral is an absolute must-see.

Place d’Armes offers many cozy cafes and pastry shops for impromptu coffee breaks, and croissants early in the morning.

On Wednesday and Saturday you can witness the abundance of foods grown in Luxembourg. The Museum of Modern Art housed in an ultramodern glass building on the outskirts of the city is worth a visit, as is the Luxembourg City History Museum. Highly recommended are the Neumuster Abbey, the European Court of Justice, the Adolphe Bridge, City hall and the grounds of University of Luxembourg.

There are several hotels at different price points, including the luxury Sofitel Le Grand Ducal, Parc Beaux Arts and Simoncini with its minimalist rooms.

Several fine restaurants offer classic French-inspired dishes. Practically every restaurant large or small offers good food.

Luxair, Lufthansa, Air France, American Airlines, Alitalia, LOT, the Czech Airlines, and Delta fly to fly to Luxembourg via transfer from their hub and spoke airports.
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