The Macallan 1824 series of Scotch Whiskies


Macallan is of the legendary Scotch distilleries in the Speyside where 107 other establishments produce the best export value of the land.

In the past Macallan labelled all of its whiskies by the number of years they were aged in a blend of second fill American whiskey barrels used for sherry aging.

Recently, the management decided to switch the aging process to Galician – and American oak used for oloroso type sherry wines.

American oak is more porous than Galician oak produces a more aromatic whisky.

The 1824 series comes in Gold, Amber, Sienna and Ruby labels. Each whisky is a blend of American and Galician barrel aged product, and is never subjected to caramelized sugar treatment. All four whiskies are presented in their natural colour.

The gold label offers, citrusy, and woody flavours.

Amber has more vanilla, dried fruit, floral and faint citrusy flavours.

Sienna stands out with woody, spicy, vanilla, dried fruit flavours.

Ruby is decidedly spicy, woody, laced with vanilla, dried fruit flavours, and possesses an exquisitely smooth mouth feel.

All are available at selected L C B O stores with prices ranging from $ 65.00 to

$ 265.00 for ruby.

Macallan distillery is best known for its small stills, the finest cut during the distillation (16 per cent), use of fine oak barrels from American whiskey producers and which are used for sherry aging, and Galician wood barrels also used for sherry aging, using no caramelized sugar, and blending expertise.

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