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The man who broke out of the bank And went for a walk across France

The author was an executive banker for more than two decades, dealing and wheeling with companies to list and sell their stocks.

He travelled between London and New York speeding time with other executives and industrialists, but eventually he got tired from million dollar transactions and quit his lucrative job, deciding to walk from Gruisson-Plage on the Mediterranean Sea, to Capbreton on the Atlantic Ocean in France with his wife, a distance of 350 miles.

In this highly interesting book, he explains in detail how small French towns look, and how people behave towards tourists.

In between, he inserts his experiences as a banker and stock trader, telling how rich people behave, spend time in high end restaurants and bars on lavish meals and expensive alcoholic beverages.

The information on dealing in the financial trade are illuminating and astounding in their volumes.

The writing flows effortlessly and contains a lot of valuable information for anyone contemplating spending time in France, or trek maybe for a few days in Burgundy, or Normandy.

His observations of small French town hotels and restaurants are revealing and highly informative.

The author points out succinctly how, even large format detailed maps fail to provide accurate information about paths, highways and secondary roads. They are constantly rerouted, road altered but fail to inform mapmakers, and even if they did, the maps you buy may be old.

The Man Who Broke Out of The Bank is informative, entertaining, and humorous for anyone planning to walk in the countryside or trek anywhere.

It deals with all kinds of unexpected problems that materialize, and provides some helpful hints how they can be solved, or avoided by meticulous planning or at least circumvented.

Even if you are planning to walk anywhere in the countryside read this informative and entertaining book to discover human behaviour.

Highly recommended.


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