Masottina Winery – Conegliano, Veneto

Masottina Winery
Masottina Winery

Located on the hills of Conegliano, the estate is 50 kms. north of the historic city of Venice. Since its founding in 1946, the winery specializes in sparkling wines, but also produces delicate still red and white wines.

Although Masottina utilizes chardonnay, pinot grigio, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot, its incrocio Manzoni (06.0.13) ( a hybrd of Rhineriesling and pinot blanc developed by professor Manzoni) an prosecco enjoy world wide fame.

Prosecco is a light, fragrant, invigorating and joyous wine produced by the Charmat method. It is inexpensive, and everyone, including individuals on tight budgets, can afford a glass or two after a hard day’s work.

Masottia’s single vineyard cabernet sauvignon and merlot from Ai Palazzi vineyards are remarkable in their delicacy and expression of the terroir.

Chardonnay and pinot grigio from the same vineyard, but on higher terrain blocks, are fragrant and medium bodied, qualities that would gladden the hearts of all wine enthusiasts.

Masottino’s prosecco line consists of extra dry, dry, cartizze, prosecco moscato, prosecco brut, and prosecco chardonnay..

All are remarkably refreshing, with precise apple/pear flavours, balanced, and low in alcohol.

The creaming wine line offers chardonnay, verduzzo, Muller Thurgau, and rose. Creaming wines contain less carbon dioxide and therefore are less sparkling. Such wines are called cremant in Champagne, and are taxed less than sparkling wines.

Riflessi is a light, soft, rose suitable for al fresco meals, impromptu guests, and as an aperitif.

Masottina’s still white wines are delightful in their delicacy and balance. Pinot grigio, chardonnay, and verduzzo from Piave are elegant, incrocio Manzoni, Muller-Thurgau , and sauvignon blanc unique to the region and intriguing. Some of these white wines originate in western Friuli, looted close to Veneto.

Merlot, cabernet, pinot noir and refosco dal pedunculo are medium-bodied, fruity red wines that deserve the attention of serious wine enthusiasts.

Italian wine laws distinguish between different growing regions by hyphenating the grape variety with the region i.e Prosecco di Conegliano (prosecco from the town of Conegliano, or Prosecco di Valdobbiadene (another town famous for prosecco), chardonnay Colli Trevigiani (chardonnay from the hills of Treviagiani).

This indication on the labels informs knowledgeable consumers about the taste and texture they can expect from the wine.

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