Mead may have been the first alcoholic beverage for humans. It probably came into being in 7000 B C in Northern China, according to archaeologists who discovered pottery chards with traces of this lovely beverage.

According to Claude Levi-Strauss, mead is the marker of the passage from nature to culture for the human race.

This golden-hued beverage has been, and continues to be consumed in Europe, Asia, and Africa since prehistoric times.

Mead consists of honey, and water and is made alcoholic by yeasts.

Originally, wild air-borne yeast started the fermentation. Today, in many cases, cultured yeast is used for uniformity of the fermentation process.

The flavour and aromatic characteristics of mead depend very much on the provenance of the honey and what bees consume.

Modern mead’s alcohol content ranges from 8 to 18 per cent ABV and may be carbonated, still dry, off dry or sweet.

In some cases, mead is distilled up to a potency of 75 per

cent ABV in northern European countries.

Some mead producers flavour, their products by adding cloves, cinnamon, hops, nutmeg, lavender, chamomile, even chillies, or berries (mainly raspberries, mulberries, blackberries, or strawberries) and call it melomel.

Mead is popular in Central and Northern European countries including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Croatia, Scotland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Mexico, China, South Africa and Canada.

There are many songs about mead, and festivals in different regions celebrating its mellow taste.

There are now at least two meaderies in Ontario but so far the L C B O does not carry of their products.

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  1. Mead is a fine beverage with an exquisite taste. It has only gotten better being passed from generation to generation. I enjoy a glass or two myself. Not having too much though.

  2. Wow! I love to drink Mead. mead is the marker of the passage from nature to culture for the human race that why i like it.Mead wine has a wonder.
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  3. Nice information on Mead. Preparing mead shares some parts with both wine and beer brewing. Thanks for the information.