Memorable Whiskies.

Canadian Whiskey


The LCBO carries several whisky and whiskey brands in addition to special whiskies that Vintages releases almost monthly, but the most rare and unique brands are available from times a year in small quantities, and distributed to select stores.

However, anyone in Ontario can order a bottle thorough any store in

the system.

The sores that carry a small inventory are listed on the official web site of the LCBO (www.lcbo.com).

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste 17 rare whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, and the USA.

The following stood out:

Caol Isla, Distillers Edition, Islay, Scotland

Double Gold Medal winner in San Francisco International tasting and competition. Aged in Moscatel casks, this Islay displays assertive notes of sea-air, smoke, and spiciness.

Smooth and though provoking.

89789, $ 99.95

Laddich Classic, Bruichladdich, Islay

A heady blend of various Islay single malt whiskies. Smells of citrus fruits, heather, sea-salt, and vanilla dominate. Complex flavours are evident in the mouth. Smooth and highly enjoyable.

178384, 700 ml. $ 79.95

Port Charlotte Single Malt Whisky, Bruichladdich, Islay

The smokiest of all Islay whiskies with a creamy mouth feel. Offers peppery, lemony, spicy flavours and a touch of pleasant sweetness in the finish.

220772, $ 81.45 700 ml.

Stathisla, 12 year Old Whisky, Chivas Brothers, Pure Highland Malt

Smells of oak and hay. In the mouth it has a fuller and fruitier flavour than Lowland whiskies. Superbly crafted, and smooth with a satisfying finish.

394437, $ 57.90

Bourbon Cask Aged, 16 year Old, Bruichladdich, Islay

Some Scottish distillers buy old Bourbon casks and age their whiskies for a special flavour and extra smoothness. In this case, the master distiller of Bruichladdich, Jim McEwan, used once-used barrels from Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam brands.

This whisky is harmonious, tastes of vanilla, peat, spice, and honey. It has a smooth mouth feel and persistent finish.

220988, $ 110.00, 700 ml

Very Rare Irish Whiskey, Midleton

Awarded a gold medal in the International Spirits Challenge competition in 2010. This is an outstanding blend of long-aged Irish whiskies in Bourbon casks. Smells of fruit, honey, and flowers. Irish whiskey aficionados should acquire this whiskey before it is sold out.

641589, $ 179.95

Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Evan Williams

Delivers cotton candy, mint, and spice flavours. It is crisp, clean and complex. Smooth and unique finish.

266015, $ 54.95


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