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Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

More and more people all over the world are turning vegetarian, some out of conviction, and others because of necessity.

Those who decide to follow a vegetarians, or ovo-lacto vegetarian, or vegan diet do so because of their conviction that humans don’t need to eat meat, and besides, increased animal production, especially using “manufacturing” technology and cruel methods are inhuman.

Scientists now claim that bovine animals contribute to significant amounts of methane to the atmosphere.

All who cook know how much time it takes to prepare meals, and the supply of foodstuffs they must have in their kitchens to produce nutritious and tasty plates.

The author presents recipes for breakfast, appetizers, side dishes, main courses, desserts and beverages, after describing how you can prepare substitutes for eggs (flaxeggs),parmegiano-reggiano (vegan parmesan), whipped cream (coconut whipped cream), and gluten-free flour.

In order to cook most of the recipes in this delightful book that displays outstanding photography, you might need to buy ingredients you may not use on a regular basis (i.e chiligarlick sauce, toasted sesame oil, garam masala, tahini, chipotle peppers, avocado oil). All are available in main-stream large North American grocery stores in large urban centres.

As for preparation, all recipes can be prepared with minimal cooking knowledge, but need enthusiasm and determination to learn new techniques, as well as an interest to discover new taste sensations.

How often do you see “Greek kale salad recipes? or for that matter Balsamic tomato and tofu salad?

The innovative recipes presented by Dana Schultz are so imaginative that you are likely to cherish them once you have cooked and enjoyed any or all.

Highly recommended.