Montgras – One of Chile’s Best Wineries.


At last count there were 600 wineries in Chile the largest of which produces 5 ½ million cases and exports worldwide; many others are much smaller and focused on quality and uniqueness of their wine making.

Montgras is, by Chilean standards a medium-seized, quality-oriented winery with three properties Leyda (a sub-region of San Antonio southwest of Santiago); Maipo south of Santiago, the capital and business of the country; and Colchagua, a sub-region of the Rapel valley approximately 200 kilometers south of teh capital.

The winery was founded by Hernan Gras, who was the winemaker of T G Bright’s, in Niagara, for many years, and Eduardo and Hartwig in 1993. The goal and objective of the winery are to produce wines of quality at reasonable cost.

Hernan Gras states:” We depend on our people to create a fine wine, who like to create using all of their senses, art and acquired techniques”.

Mongras knows that remarkable wines originate in the vineyard and select the best sites to grow their fruit.

The winery is one of the most advanced in Chile, and was partially designed by a Canadian engineering firm to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

Recently, the chief winemaker was in Toronto and presented his wines to the media.

Amaral Sauvignon Blanc, 2010, this aromatic white wine has a clean, and balanced flavour with a pleasant finish.

$ 14.50

Reserve Carmenere, 2010, the 13 per cent cabernet sauvignon in the blend provides a sound backbone to this fruity, medium-bodied wine. It has a peppery flavour and “hot” finish.

$ 12.05

Reserve cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 berry aromas jump out of the glass. In the mouth the wine offers some “grip”, with a balanced flavour. Good and long finish. Good value.

$ 12.05

Antu Ninquen Syrah, 2009 syrah is a relatively new variety in Chile, but in the right location it grows well. This vintage offers ripe berry aromas, is smooth, full-bodied, layered and finishes well. Pair confidently with flavourful beef or game dishes. Excellent value.

$ 17.95

Antu Ninquen Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 a full bodied, nuanced, fruity, with well suited for BBQ and flavourful emit dishes.

$ 17.95

Intigra, 2005 superbly crafted wine that offers abundant berry aromas, deeply flavoured texture, and long finish. Excellent value.

$ 21.95


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