MontGras – one of Chile’s fine wineries


Hernan Gras. A Chilean construction magnate, and Eduardo Hartwig, a seasoned businessman, started MontGras in 1003.

The philosophy of the winery is to cerate high quality Chilean wines of exceptional value reflecting the terroir.

To that end, they have chosen several regions within the country to plant vineyards with the most suitable varieties to the terroir.

Chile is a narrow and long country with a range of different climates and soil compositions.

Some regions close tot eh Pacific Ocean benefit for the cold Humboldt Current. Diurnal temperatures make them suitable for white grapes with acidity, and flavour.

MontGras produces entry-, reserve level wines, plus varietal-, and gran reserva lines from its Ninquen, Amaral, Intrigat and Colchagua vineyards.

The Amaral sauvignon blanc originates from the Leyda region in the San Antonio Valley. The region benefits from the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean.

The soils of Amaral are a mixture of alluvial deposits, clay and limestone.

All these contribute to the elegance of Amaral sauvignon blanc.

It is pale yellow with green hues, aromas of pear, grapefruit and white flowers. In the mouth the wine exudes minerality, and depth, and finishes with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, with marinates seafood, light dishes featuring shellfish, crab cakes, cod croquettes, charcuterie platters, pizzas, pastas with shrimp or small chunks of salmon.

It is listed a general list wine with a price of $ 13.95 represents excellent value.


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