Most Popular Types of Wines Enjoyed by Wine Enthusiasts

Most Popular Types of Wines
Most Popular Types of Wines

Since ages, wine enjoys a prominent position in the world of popular beverages. However, it has a vast range and consists of different varieties depending on certain factors including manufacturing process, taste, labeling and many more. Be it a beginner or an expert, tasting good wine certainly needs a brief research about the different types available and the right way of tasting it.

So, here is an overview on the most popular types of wine available that would certainly help wine enthusiasts to find out the exact one while searching in the online market, which satisfies their appetizing senses.

Wine is made of grapes; however, they are not typically the table grapes one will find in the grocery. Wine grapes come with thick skins, are sweet, small and contain seeds. Though there are a thousand varieties present, but out of it, just a few are grown mostly all over the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a full-bodied red wine, which originated in France and is noted to be the most popular across the world. The wine tastes full-bodied along with bold tannins combined with a persistent long black peppery finish. It tastes at its best when paired with smoked meats, beef, lamb and both with firm and hard cheeses.


This is another favorite in the list of popular ones, which is also a full-bodied red wine, mainly originated in France. Syrah is full-bodied with certain bold fruit flavors and comes with subtle tannin, which drops off to a soft finish. The wine gets perfectly blended with Mourvedre and Grenache for creating the red Rhone blend. It is being mostly blended with smoked meats, lamb beef, firm cheeses like cheddar and other hard cheeses like Manchego.


Zinfandel is mainly a medium-bodied red wine being originated in Croatia. This wine is spicy and fruit-forward that come with a medium length finish. Zinfandel is certainly a red grape, which is most commonly known as the rose wine: White Zinfandel. Wine enthusiasts will be able to taste this wine at its best if, they pair with food items like chicken, cured meat, pork, barbeque, beef and many more.

Pinot Noir

Typically comes a taste very similar to cherry, clove, cranberry and mushroom, Pinot Noir is dry light-bodied wine, which originated in France. These wines are fairly a tart of fruits, which offers them a long soft finish. People mostly pair with food items like pork, chicken, cured meat, duck, soft cheeses, cream sauces and nutty medium firm cheese such as Gruyere.


This wine mostly comes with varied tastes like butter, yellow apple, star fruit and chalk. Chardonnay is mainly a dry full-bodied white wine, which originated in the nation, France. If it is oak-aged, it will taste buttery and creamy sauces, whereas unoaked wines are mostly zesty and lighter with citrus and apple flavors. Chardonnay is mainly the white wine of Burgundy. The most common pairing food items with it are lobster, crab, chicken, mushroom, shrimp, pork, cream sauces, medium cheeses and medium-firm cheeses.

So, noting down the different varietals available is certainly important for purchasing a good bottle of wine online. Among the good wines, Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon surely counts among the most favorites, which is softly textured, medium bodied and come with intense fragrances like mulberry, chocolate, and blackcurrant interweaved with cedary oak.

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