Munich – A lively German city


Munich, (Munchen in German), the capital of the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany, has long maintained a reputation as a conservative city.

These days, this lively city is starting to compete with Berlin for cultural supremacy.

You can play pianos around the city for free, and many museums have embarked on extensive renovations so as to enlarge their modern art exhibits.

Munich is, always has been a fun-loving city with its many beer halls, some of which sit 6000 people. It enjoys a world wide reputation for its Oktoberfest and the Hofbrauhaus in the middle of the town.

Here young and old enjoy beers traditionally served in “steins” (earthenware mugs), and tourists love the atmosphere.

You can visit the city over one weekend, or even spend a week.

Munich has many museums, but the Lenbachhaus is considered the most interesting, especially after extensive renovations, including the addition of a new wing.

The downtown with its famous and imposing cathedral is always busy and interesting to stroll. You will see men in “lederhosen{ and girls as well as women in colourful “dirndls”.

The Viktualienmarkt and adjacent building with many specialty shops are highly interesting. Both represent a learning opportunity.

Bavarian cuisine has been saddled to hearty, heavy foods like pig trotters, knodel (dumplings), leberkase, sausages, pretzels, all kinds of breads, and beer. While they are still popular fare, many young chefs cook light and interesting dishes that can compete favourably with any other in the country, or even western Europe.

Der Englische Garten, a 375 hectare park, is well maintained and highly relaxing for a stroll.

A beer garden visit is an absolute must in Munich; it may be the Hofbrauhaus, or a small pub, but you can also decide to spend a few enjoyable hours after dinner in a beer hall where waitresses carry up to eight mass (I litre beer mugs) in their hands, all at the same time.

Munich offer many types of accommodation, from humble pensions, to luxury hotels.

You can fly direct from Toronto or New York to Munich’s modern and highly organized airport (much better than the busier Frankfurt am Main international airport) and connect to many east European cities which Lufthansa serves.

Many low fare Europeans airlines service Munich from major European cities.

Visiting Munich is always fun and enjoyable..


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