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Music, food and exciting events- Whisky festivals in Scotland.

Are you a traveler seeking fun and amusement combined with glimpses of history and tradition? If you are, then Scotland is the place where you can witness some of the most distinct festivals, sumptuous food and a host of other events. Scotland has mystery and charm of the old world which is what makes it a special country. The Scottish people are incredibly warm, light hearted and live with passion up on their sleeve. Some of the major events that are celebrated in Scotland with fun and frolic are:

  • International harp festival at Edinburgh
  • St. Andrews Golf week
  • Melrose Sevens
  • Hawick Reivers festival
  • Dumfries and Galloway festivals

Is Scotland on your list of most sought-after holiday destinations? There is no better way to enjoy your weekends with dazzling activity. Among, wealthy culture and great history, you will enjoy every single moment of your vacation here. Hotels have three kinds of luxury rooms, double rooms and twin rooms. So, staying here will not be a problem considering you can choose a lodging facility according to your budget. Best way to go is book a self catering cottage which is well linked to public transportation.


Whisky festivals in Scotland- Sip n’ Savor!

Though there are a lot of malt Whisky distilleries and breweries in Scotland from where you can drink the finest Whisky; if you are enthusiastic to explore the culture more with a glass of malt Whisky in one hand, then attending one of the Whisky festival s is a must!! If you happen to visit Scotland this year, sometime in April, May or June, you can be a part of one of the Malt and Music festivals. The place will be buzzing with activity and you never know you might even get the opportunity to see one of the distilleries which is usually not open to public.


Besides food,music and drinks, Scotland is the ideal place to get married in!
Everyone loves the idea of getting married at an ancient chapel next to the Loch , or to an ancient castle. Scotland offers one of the best romantic settings in the world. Love is always in the air in this country with breathtaking landscapes!! What better way to celebrate your wedding vows than the countryside which is well connected by rail links and buses. Scottish locales offer too much for a country with a small expanse of land. Undoubtedly, Scotland is the most dreamy venue for a wedding.

If you love to dance and sing then Scottish music is sure to take you by surprise! Do not miss the bagpipes! Do all that you can in this small but very generous country, but do not miss the malt Whisky festivals impending in May,June and July! Your holiday can be made more exciting and comfortable if you choose to stay in a self-catering cottage.

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