Natural Wine

Natural Wine
Natural Wine

Shortly after humans accidentally discovered wine in the Caucasus, they started to tinker with changing and refining the process.

Natural wine result only after freshly harvested grapes are squeezed, and let the yeasts on the skin start the fermentation converting sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is natural wine, but for most, it would appear as “rustic”.

By definition, natural wine should be made using
Organic or biodynamic grapes
Hand harvested fruit
Wild yeast (natural yeast on the skin of grapes)
No enzymes to enhance yeast performance
No additives (no acidification, adding tannins, colorants, minimal or no sulphur dioxide
No filtration
No spinning cone application
No suss reserve technique
No osmosis
No cryoextraction
No ultraviolet irradiation
No rapid finishing

All of the above techniques and more are employed routinely in mass production, even by highly reputed wineries best known for refined and elegant wines.

If you want to experience natural wine or one as close to the above definition, you may have to travel to Georgia or Armenia and seek out small family owned and operated wineries.