New world Rieslings worth seeking

For most wine enthusiasts Germany is “the” cradle and best country producing the finest Rieslings. While there is no doubt the delicacy and elegance of German Rieslings from Mosel and Rheingau, there are several New World countries that produce very fine Rieslings worth seeking from specialized retailers.

Riesling is grown in practically all New World countries, but those from Canada, the U.S.A, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Australia and South Africa can be as rewarding as any grown in Germany or Alsace in France.

Here are some you may want to look for:

Riesling, 2010, Vineland Estates, Ontario, Canada
Riesling, 2013, Kusuda, Marlborough, New Zealand
Riesling Museum Release, 2007, Contours, Pewsey Valley, South Africa
Watervale Riesling, 2012, Clos Clare, Clare Valley, South Africa
Pure Riesling, 2010, Mountford, Waipara, New Zealand
Miramar Riesling, 2011, Vina Casa Marin, San Antonio Valley, Chile
Eroica Riesling, 2012, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington State, U.SA.
The Real McCoy Riesling, 2012, Jordan Winery, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Noble Late Harvest, 2012, P. Cluver, South Africa
Encore Noble Riesling, 2010, Pegasus Bay, Waipara Valley, New Zealand

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