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Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix

Niki Jabbour is a vegetable gardening expert with a  passion for curious varieties of vegetables from around the world.

If after growing the same kinds of vegetables  in your garden year after year, you are looking for something new to try, this book will help you achieve your objective.

She is not only a gardener; she also created The Weekend Gardener Radio Show in Halifax, Nova |Scotia, where she lives.

In this remarkable book, she introduces vegetables that can be grown in cool climate regions.

Veggie Garden Remix includes the soil types each vegetable likes, the number of days to ripen, and in most cases the taste.

She not only writes about common peppers but a variety of peppers from all over the world, and does the same for squash, peas, eggplants, kale, carrots, beets, turnips, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap beans, cabbages, broccoli, Jerusalem artichokes, arugula, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, radish, onions, and parsnips.

The photography of this valuable book is exemplary in showing how the ripe vegetable looks.

Any enthusiastic gardener living in a temperate – cool climate zone would greatly benefit from this outstanding, well written book, based on personal


Embedded in the book are seed suppliers, where the seeds of vegetables she describes can be obtained.

If you happen to like spinach, you can choose to pant from among New Zealand-, orach, green anarath-, purple amaranth-, magenta green -, molokhia-, tricolor amaranth, and sweet potato leaf spinach.

In view of the fact that millenials now like to try different flavours, restaurateurs catering to this segment of the market would benefit from introduction of special vegetables in their menus as they become available during the season. Specialist vegetable growers living around large urban centres in North America would be more than happy to supply or even grow vegetables on demand if adequate demand exists.

Highly recommended.

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