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Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father

Murray How is the son of the legendary hockey player from Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The author, now a doctor specializing in sport related medical procedures, greatly admired his parents.

He wrote Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father to honour his father who is said to have contributed to the game a lot by being kid to his team mates, supporting them at all times, and to his fans.

It is a poignant book full of anecdotes and little stores not only about his father, but also his mother Colleen, who in her own way contributed to Gordie Howe’s success, and fame.

Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father should remind every parent to relish their children’s experiences as they grow up, and who they can help form their character.

Laying the foundation of a solid and productive life and character is essential for success in life, and helps achieve the formation of admirable living standards.

This tenderly written collection of lessons shows that Gordie Howe was a shining example to his offsprings.

It is an excellent and heartfelt style read for everyone, but also for every father to start thinking how his relationship contributes to his childrens future.

A touching and very well planned book to enjoy and cherish.

Highly recommended.

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