The Notion of time and its Importance when Travelling.


Nature operates in cycles, regulating growth by intensity of light and temperature. It is unaware of time, which is strictly a man-invented notion, around which most of our activities revolve.

Humans, at least in the western industrialized world, have now become slaves of time! Some thrive on it, others experience difficulties managing time all the time.
The Awards Illustrated Dictionary describes time as “indefinite continuous duration regarded as dimension in which a sequence of events take place”.

Time can only be “spent” and never accumulated for future use. However, time happens to be a communal commodity open to perception and use by individuals. Some people are excellent time managers; others simply cannot arrange their life according to deadlines. Disciplined individuals manage time well and know group activities depend on timeliness.

Armies, airlines, public transportation, businesses particularly restaurants and hotels depend on schedules and timely delivery of services. Packaged tours depend on schedules and all group members must adhere to them. Undisciplined and arrogant participants create havoc with timetables frustrating others including the tour director who must inform stragglers that their behaviour cannot be tolerated and explain the consequences should it continue.

On rare occasions, the bus may have to depart without the stragglers creating unnecessary complication and hard feelings.

Group travel depends on disciplined individuals aware of their rights and those of others. No one should have the right to delay the departure depriving all from a leisurely and relaxing trip.

Practically in all societies individuals are held responsible for “time violations”. Being late by one minute for a train- or plane departure means waiting for the next.

Principled shopkeepers, banks, restaurants and public transportation officials in industrialized western countries always respect precise opening and closing times. Similarly, managers in charge of departments and operations insist on punctuality. Packaged tour prices are uniform and hence all expect the same treatment, service and benefits. The tour director must ensure the flawless schedule adherence to satisfy all participants.

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