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On Tyranny

This short, but profound book written by historian Snyder who specializes in eastern European history at Yale University, draws from events during Hitler’s Nazism, and Mussolini’s Fascism and projects what is now happening in the U S A.

Without mentioning the name of the present president of the U S A, he states what he has done to win the election and what he is doing now without regard to democratic principles that have prevailed since the beginning of the confederacy.

Chapter 19 is especially apt and should be read very carefully to understand the difference between patriotism and nationalism.

Professor Snyder outlines options that are available to resist tyranny to dominate individual lives and defended democracy.

This is a powerful book to change any reader’s life by stressing the importance of individual action to change evolving tyranny.

On Tyranny represents a very important monument that explains the fragility of democracy and how it relates to present events not only in the U S A but also in Europe.

While the book s short, it is provoking and inspiring.

Highly recommended.

Buy several copies and distribute to your friends and family.


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