Ontario Cider


Canada is blessed with terroir to grow apples. From coast to coast, almost all provinces grow apples, especially Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, followed by Nova Scotia and a few others.

While cider can be from any fruit, (peach, berries, pears (perry in the United Kingdom), elderflower), cider is generally the term for apple wine.



Eating apples are less suitable for cider. This now increasingly popular alcoholic beverage comes in a range of sweetness and acidity.

Domaine Pinnacle in Quebec produces an icecider that offers intense  aromas, and a high level of sweetness, but is not cloying. The winery uses six different apple varieties. Dry sparkling ciders can be particularly enjoyable.

You can pair cider with roast turkey, grilles salmon, apple –or apricot stuffed roast loin of pork, in various recipes, as marinades, and in sauces.

Cider is also distilled (especially in Normandy, France) and marketed as Calvados in France. Elsewhere the name changes to local customs.

In Ontario, Thornbury, Strongbow brands are imported from the United Kingdom.
Ontario cider producers are now becoming more prominent with cider lovers.

A short list of Ontario cider producers:

aplewood Cider
Ardiel Cider House
Spirit Tree Ciders
County Cider Company
Archibald Orchanrds and Estate Wienry
Beaver Valley Cider
Coffin Ridge Cider
Empire Cier Company
KW Craft Cider
Pommies Cider
Tawse Winery

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