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Ontario consumers home services incorporated – An untrustworthy company


This home service provider (water heaters, furnace installation and maintenance) sends door-to-door sales pretending to represent the company that has installed and is maintaining your home’s water heater or furnace. (The company obtains the list from another that collects fees).

These door-to-door sales people that are well trained and clearly disguised by the company propose to install a new water heater at no cost to you, claiming that your heater is too old. Beware!

In truth Ontario Consumers Home Services charges well above that of going market prices. Commissions go to the salesperson.

It also charges five per cent interest hidden in the monthly rental fee. The going interest on loans of this nature is 2.8 per cent.

This company bills monthly for years and the cost of the water heater ends up being four – to five times higher than it should be. It claims that maintenance is included, but water heaters are simple and uncomplicated devices that hardly ever break down.

The best way to deal with companies like Ontario Consumers Home Services is very simple. When a door-to-door sales person knocks on your door ask which company he/she represents and proof. Then simply say ` I am not interested “.

It you happen to fall for such a fake and fraudulent offer, call the company and ask for a “buy out”. You will still pay a high price but compared to what you would pay for the next 25 – 35 years you are far better off!’

Never trust door-to-door fake sales people especially those employed by Ontario Consumers Home Services!

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