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The Ontario craft beer guide

The Ontario Beer Guide is a book for province’s beer aficionados written by two knowledgeable enthusiasts. Both   travelled Ontario, tasted hundreds of beers scouting out the best and worst beers, brewpubs and microbreweries- all 250 of them.

During the creation of this valuable oeuvre they explored the history and evolution of the beer industry in Ontario from the beginning, and then switching in 2007 to the expansion of the craft brewing

They explain their quality recommendation criteria.

The careful readers will learn how to evaluate properly brewed faultless beer. For example, a beer that smells like buttered popcorn with a scotch like mouth feel and causes hangovers contains diacetyl and should be avoided. There are several more flaw descriptions that would help any beer aficionado to stop drinking such a brew.

The top five selections of IPA’s, pale ales, pilsners, stouts, saisons, porters are valuable guides to direct you to the best brands of your preferred style.

Many, if not all craft breweries, take email orders.

Each Ontario craft brewery up to 2015 November is briefly described, and along with its best brews.

Starting on page 369, pubs that stand out for their superior selection of beers, food (if served) and service is a handy guide to enjoy a fine beer, that complement its specialties.

The glossary helps anyone understand brewing intricacies.

Overall, The Ontario Craft Beer Guide is an excellent book for anyone who enjoys flavourful beers and tastefully decorated pub environments.

Highly recommended.

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