Ontario craft brewers poured their ales and lagers in Toronto


On September 17 several of the 160 craft brewers of Ontario proudly poured their beers to an ager public.

While in the 1980’s there were only a few craft brewers in Ontario now the number is 160 of which several own and operate their own facilities. The rest rent space in other craft breweries with excess capacity and brew according to their recipes.

Craft brewing enjoys now an appreciable popularity amongst 25- 35 demographics who willingly spend a little more that what main-stream beers cost to enjoy flavourful and well brewed beers. Both genders of the audience of the show were well represented which surprised me. I Always thought men were the majority of beer consumers.

I tasted the following beers an recommend them all (Note: All are available at the brewery, or in some L C B O stores. The L C B O store at Yonge and Summerhill in Toronto has now a special department that carries all craft brews).

Here are my preferred brews

Oast House Ale 5 per cent ABV 88/100
Oast House County Pumpkin Ale 5.4 ABV 83/100
Side Launch Wheat 5 ABV 88/100
Side Launch Dunkel Lager 5.8 ABV 84/100
The Collingwood Brewery Vintage Ale 5 ABV 89/100
Mill Street Brewery Porter 5 ABV 89/100
Mill Street Organic 5 ABV 89/100
Mill Street Draught 7.5 ABV 86/100
Sawedust Ciry Golden Ale 88/100

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