Organizing Festive Season Parties.


Young and old like to invite friends, relatives; even business associates to restive season parties.

Companies stage celebrations in hotels or in halls to thank workers for their diligence and contribution to production.

Every celebration needs food, beverages, a pleasant venue, music, entertainment, and stimulation for success.

If you are organizing a party at home, assess the size of the premises, and invite only as many people as is can comfortably and safely accommodate.

You can invite formally by sending printed invitations and RSVP requests, or by e-mail, or by phone.

Think about decorations and lighting. Harsh industrial lighting makes the space look “sterile”.

The music needs to be addressed. This depends very much on the age group being entertained. Old people may prefer traditional Christmas carols and music; younger ones would like to hear their preferred style which generally is loud, and distracting to old people.

Then think about food. There are many choices – you can hire a caterer and tell what you would like served, (some caterers will also provide servers, set up a bar and get a bartender).

If you wish, you can prepare the food yourself, or buy prepared food from large grocery stores with specialized departments, or specialized companies.

Caterers are the most expensive but easiest choice. You can devote your attention to your guests and not worry about food.

Regardless, have a Plan B in case something unexpected happens, like failure of electricity, unexpected weather, malfunctioning radio or sound system, just to name a few.

It you plan to prepare the food make sure the ingredients are readily available, easy to prepare, and easy to eat. Canapés, finger food, cheese, nuts, breads (no crackers or biscuits). Stay away from chips and dips; inevitably someone will drop a chip or inadvertently spill the dip creating a mess!

Sit down dinners take long preparations and more thoughtful planning, and require servers.

If you want to go that route, stick with a simple mixed salad with herbed vinaigrette, roast leg of lamb, or sirloin of beef or a veal stew, along with an appropriate starch and vegetable, and finish with a parfait or fruit salad spiked with Grand Marnier or Cointreau, and truffles.

If you want to serve finger foods, stick with foods most people like – chicken salad on toasted baguette slices, pizza squares, French-style pizza on puff pastry, smoked salmon, or smoked trout canapés garnished with dill, cheese, ham and stuffed olive on tooth pick presented on a lengthwise cut of Sicilian eggplant, sliced prosciutto wrapped around marinated asparagus spears, devilled eggs, assorted cheeses, nuts and dried fruits.

For the bar, consider a basic set up of rum, tequila, whisky (Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian), vodka, grin and brandy.

If you want to go with premium brads, select – El Dorado 15 year old rum from Guyana, 1921 tequila from Mexico, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon, Crown Royal Black Label Canadian Whisky, Smirnoff Vodka, or Grey Goose from France, Hendrick’s Gin, the Netherlands, Ardmore Single Malt 12 year Old, Hennessy V S O P cognac from France.

You will need soft drinks i.e orange juice, clamato juice, ginger ale, coca cola, Angostura bitters, limes, lemons, maraschino cherries, and white vermouth fro martinis, a shot glass, shaker, strainer for cocktails.

Think about beer too – Beau’s from Ottawa Valley brews flavourful beers, Great lake’s Winter Ale) both from Ontario), Warsteiner lager (Germany), Guinness Stout (Ireland)_.

Keep your choice limited to two or tree.

Think about wine too, but one red and white mid-priced screw capped product should suffice – for red you can go with Castillo de Almansa Reserva, 2008, Spain and Riesling, 2011 from Vineland Estates Ontario.

Enjoy the party and make sure your guests drink responsibly.

The police will be conducting spot checks all over the province!

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