Outstanding Spirits for your Christmas Celebrations.

Remy Martin

LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) releases quarterly specially selected limited production spirits in addition to its wide variety of Vintages offers and general list products.

For the fall and winter of 2011, several cognacs, armagnacs, calvados, Bourbon, French, Belgian, Japanese, Irish, and Scottish whiskies have been selected,

In case you never heard of France, Belgium, Japan, and India producing whisky, rest assured all do, and even Germany has at least one distillery that turns out fine whiskies.

The best of this release are listed below:

Lot 90 XO Cognac, Tesseron, Charente, France
Smooth, intense and long aftertaste. Enjoy after and extended meal. 93/100
240176 , $ 109.75

Antique XO Premier Grand Cru Champagne Cognac, Hine, Charente, France
Hine is one of the oldest cognac blenders and marketers of cognac. Thomas Hine, and Englishman who loved cognac founded it.
Satisfying, elegant and refined. A cognac for people with exquisite palates.
241174, $ 227.95

Calvados Du Pays D’Auge, Domaine Dupont, Normandy, France,
The apple brandy of Normandy in France offers the very essence of local apples. This smooth, clean-tasting, and light calvados will provide endless pleasure to those who cherish refined and elegant spirits.
240184, $ 50.75

Basil Hayden Bourbon, Kentucky, U.S.A
A fine Bourbon from this old, well established distillery. It is smooth, intense, deeply flavoured and deserves to be sipped from a snifter to enjoy its distinct aromas.
326025, $ 51.95

Booker’s 7 Year Old Bourbon
At 64.3 ABV one would expect this Bourbon to be harsh, yet offers caramel/chocolate flavours. Mix with a few drops of water before enjoying.
914127, $ 54.75

Armorik, Single Malt Whisky, Brittany, France
If you are whisky fan and enjoy exploring products from countries less well known in North America, this may the one to choose.
It is pale in colour, pure in taste, smooth in texture and has a lingering aftertaste.
255273, $ 65.40

Pure Malt 12 Year Old Whisky, Nikka Taketsuru, Japan
Japan ha s small but thriving whisky culture. Distillers go to Scotland for training, and Japanese distilleries import Scottish alembic-style stills and oak barrels from several countries for aging. This intense whisky is smooth, offers pure malt flavour and an outstanding long finish. 89/100
195123 660 ml. $ 69.55

All above are available in selected LCBO stores.
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