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The Oxford Companion to Cheese

Hundreds of books on cheese production, its use in culinary circles, for consumers, have been written, but The Oxford Companion To Cheese can claim to be the first truly comprehensive reference work dedicated to the exploration of how four basic ingredients transform into more than 1400 specific varieties enjoyed throughout the world.

This voluminous books covers cottage cheese to Camembert, from Gorgonzola to Gruyere, in the farm, under the microscope, in cheese shops, and on the plate.

The Oxford Companion To Cheese not only discusses all famous cheeses, but also lesser known ones from Turkey and Iran, except those from Armenia and Russia.

North Americans have belatedly discovered the joys of artisanal cheese offered by specialist cheese mongers, but unfortunately,only in big cities. In smaller and remote towns consumers must rely on online shopping or contend with meagre selections in local grocery stores.

To discuss cheese in its countless forms and contexts the editor enlisted the expertise of 325 contributors.

This is a go-to source for all things involving cheese for dairy farmers, cheese makers, rafineurs, chefs, wine enthusiasts and consumers.

The depth and breadth of The Oxford Companion To Cheese is overwhelming and deserves a prominent place in all public and private libraries as an unequalled reference source.

The Oxford Companion To Cheese is the definitive guide to one of the humankind’s greatest discoveries.

Read it, study it, try as many cheeses as you can, and refer to it when needed.

Highly recommended.