Oxford – home to one of the oldest universities of England


Oxford in southeastern England with a population of 165, 000 is famous for its university, motor manufacturing, publishing, IT science-based enterprises

Founded in 900 A. D, Oxford became an important business and distribution border town after the Norman invasion in 1066, and displays every English architectural period since the arrival of Saxons.

Oxford University is one of the oldest British universities of the English-speaking world.

The imposing Christ Church Cathedral is a masterpiece of English architecture. The university grounds are beautifully sculpted, lovingly maintained, and display a range of English architectural styles.

Oxford University attracts approximately 40 per cent of its professoriate, and 15 per cent of its students from abroad.

It is considered to be world’s fifth best behind Cambridge. The town enjoys a maritime climate, is well connected by rail, coach, and highways to London and all other regions of the country. The best time to visit is June to September.

The Ashmolean Museum, The Bodleaian Library, Museum of History of Science, Botanical Gardens, and Pitt Rivers Museum are highly recommended sights.

Oxford is a very green city with many parks, and above all, the university grounds quaint and peaceful grounds.

The town is so beautiful that German bombers ignored Oxford so as to preserve its beauty during World War II.