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A Sake Primer

Sake is the favourite alcoholic beverage of Japanese. Contrary to what most people believe, sake is brewed, although it looks completely unlike western style beer. Sake has become a trendy sipper, but there is more to its growing popularity than mere urban chic. Elegant, subtle and delicious chilled premium sake […]

craft beer

Good news for craft beer aficionados

More and more beer drinkers seem to abandon mainstream, non-descript beer and are switching to flavourful, correctly brewed beers. On September 17 from 11 p.m. you can taste several Ontario craft brewery beers and sample a special menu (tasting size) created by Chef Stephen of the venue. The venue is […]


Rare Whiskies and Other Spirits

Rare whiskies of all sorts now enjoy an unprecedented popularity among young and old wealthy consumers, and liquor control boards everywhere in Canada, but particularly in Ontario, and Quebec import some for spirit drinkers to experience taste sensations they never had before. Recently, the team at the L.C.B.O in charge […]



The story of Cointreau, world’s most popular orange-flavoured liqueur, begins with the opening of a distillery in 1849 at rue Saint Land in Angers, Loire, by brothers Eduard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau. In 1875, Edouard-Jean notices a public interest in the popularity of orange-flavoured liqueurs, and started to experiment with orange […]