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Kampai – Toronto (Festival of Sake – 2015 Toronto)

Japan’s national alcoholic beverage sake has now become an international icon. Japanese-owned businesses in foreign countries always entertain clients in local sushi and sashimi restaurants that naturally stock a range of sakes. They effectively promote sake and Japanese culture wherever they do business. There are more than 1500 sake breweries […]


Rare Whiskies and Other Spirits

Rare whiskies of all sorts now enjoy an unprecedented popularity among young and old wealthy consumers, and liquor control boards everywhere in Canada, but particularly in Ontario, and Quebec import some for spirit drinkers to experience taste sensations they never had before. Recently, the team at the L.C.B.O in charge […]


Tasting delicious Trinidad and Tobago rums

Trinidad and Tobago is a country of wetlands, and rivers, mountains and plains. This Caribbean country happens to be the most cosmopolitan of all in the region, and its inhabitants are credited with the invention of the steel pan, the only musical instrument that was invented in the 20th century. […]



The story of Cointreau, world’s most popular orange-flavoured liqueur, begins with the opening of a distillery in 1849 at rue Saint Land in Angers, Loire, by brothers Eduard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau. In 1875, Edouard-Jean notices a public interest in the popularity of orange-flavoured liqueurs, and started to experiment with orange […]



Winesworld now has a small renovation with new colors and mobile-friendly pages. Surfers from a Windows Phone, Android or iPhone will automatically come to the new mobile pages. We welcome your feedback on our pages so tell us what you think about them. Are there things we can do differently […]


Little known facts about breweries of the world

There are a little more than 9100 breweries in the world. They supply to over seven billion inhabitants of the world, its most popular alcoholic beverage. Some breweries are small, some very small (microbreweries), others gargantuan occupying city blocks. The most important ingredient of beer is water and any famous […]

Tony Aspler

E-Books: The Five Minute Wine Book.

Tony Aspler who refers to himself as a wine-evangelist, has written several books on wine and wine-related subjects. His latest book (e-book) consists of all the articles he has written in the past 35 years. This is delightful read for anyone interested in wine and likes details about wine making, […]