Paramount Middle Eastern Restaurant

Paramount Middle Eastern Restaurant
Paramount Middle Eastern Restaurant

Two devout Lebanese brothers started this restaurant enterprise in 2006 in Toronto, the largest city of Canada that attracts many Middle Eastern immigrants, and creates a demand for specialties of their hoe countries.

Paramount caters mainly this market segment, but also attracts many who like to explore other cuisines.

Middle Eastern food is labour-intensive and few housewives have enough time to devote hours to prepare stuffed grape leaves, hummus-bi-tahini, kibbe, falafel, shawarma etc

Paramount owns and operates nine restaurants in GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Most of them are in plazas, with ample parking.

Being a Muslim-owned restaurant chain, there is no pork on the menu, nor is there any alcoholic beverage.

The concept is unique in that you are seated by a hostess, and graciously told to remember the table number. Then you study the menu, which contains in addition to specialties mentioned above, pizza-like dishes topped with a variety of ingredients, and desserts.

Then you proceed to the cash to pay in advance and you indicate your table number. The food is delivered within a few minutes, and all at once, which makes for a crammed tabletop.

While, hummus-bi-tahine was fine, the falafel was hopelessly overcooked, as was the skewered lamb. (Note: Middle Eastern people like their meat well done as abattoirs and meat distribution in those countries leave a lot to be desired).

I did not order dessert, and left the pita since tasted like leather.

If you are interested in exploring Middle Eastern style glorified fast food, Paramount is worth a try.

(Note: I ate at 2450 Sheppard Avenue East. Other outlets feature the same menu, but may prepare the food differently.

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