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Paris Cocktails

The author, a frequent visitor to Paris, loves cocktails, not any cocktail, but sophisticated cocktails invented by talented bartenders in Parisian bars.

Few Americans know that Parisians not only enjoy wine, any type of wine, but also cocktails.

Even fewer people know that the American Prohibition forced talented bartenders who lost their jobs and could afford, were forced to travel to Paris and either set up bars, or to start working in one.

At the time, most bars were in hotels catering to tourists and locals, but over time sophisticated Parisians got into the habit of visiting bars looking for unusual and inspiring cocktails.

Doni Belau lists more than 100 cocktail recipes, but the one that stands out is on page 54.

It is well known that cocktail was invented in New Orleans, and to this day Americans are the most enthusiastic cocktail consumers in the world.

Wherever they travel, they ask for cocktails and bartenders oblige.

The author lists cocktails from Martinique, Morocco, and New Orleans, and those cocktails that were inspired by French writers, musicians and revolutions, including signature drinks of leading mixologists, different and innovative versions of old stand-bys, and what to serve at Midnight in Paris-themed parties.

All bars she visited and experienced are listed by address, Parisian arrondisment, telephone umber, and web site.

Also, each chapter includes French sayings relating to cocktails and drinking in general.

Paris Cocktails is not only a book for any cocktail enthusiast, but any bartender who is interested in creating or wants to be inspired by talented colleagues who practice their trade in Parisian bars.

Highly recommended.

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