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Pascual Toso –Distinctive Malbecs From Barrancas, Mendoza

Pascual Toso

Pascual Toso

Pascual Toso, from Piedmont, Italy, arrived in Argentina in 1880 and established his first winery in San Jose. At the beginning of the 20th century, he bought vineyards in Maipu, and then build another winery at on his estate Las Barrancas.  The estate happens to have a very favourable climate with warm to hot days, and fresh nights and low humidity that yield deeply coloured d flavourful wines. The water comes from the snow of the Andes Mountains through the Mendoza River, and the soil contains sediments of sand, silt, and clay, all perfect to produce fine grapes.

Bodegas y Vinedos Pascual Toso is one of the oldest Argentine wineries; it celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2007. It owns 40 hectares of vineyards on premium locations and specializes in malbec- and cabernet sauvignon based wines, although a chardonnay-based sparkling wine is also produced. Malbec is now the most popular red grape variety in Argentina. It originated in southern France, and was first planted in Argentina in 1868 by a French botanist.

Today, more malbec is grown in Argentina than in other country of the world, and Argentina is world’s 6th largest wine producer, after France, Italy Spain China, and The U S A. Mendoza accounts for 79 per cent of Argentina’s wine production and is a major exporter. Pascual Toso exports to 40 countries including the United Kingdom, U S A, Canada and Japan. Recently, Pascual Toso’s lead winemaker Felipe Stahlschmidt was in Toronto, and conducted a tasting for wine writers and the trade.

The tasting started with a glass of 100 per cent chardonnay sparkling wine.

Malbec, 2014 a delicious, fruity, full-bodied and well balanced wine.
A good value.
$ 13.95 General list

Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 dark red, berry aromas, medium-bodied with a long aftertaste. Represents very good value.
$ 15.95 General list

Limited Edition Malbec, 2013 (Malbec 60 per cent, and cabernet sauvignon 40), Fruity, full-bodied, layered flavours with a long aftertaste.

Selected Malbec, 2013 Aromas of ripe figs emanate from the glass. Full bodied, smooth with a long aftertaste.

Selected Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 dark brilliant red, aromatic, full bodied, balanced, multi layered with a long aftertaste.

Alta Malbec, 2013 dark brilliant red. Expect ripe red berry aromas, full body, layered flavours, long aftertaste.

Alta Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 dark brilliant crimson colour. The wine opens with ripe red berry aromas and follows through with a smooth mouth feel, balance and a very long aftertaste.

Finca Pedregal Ultra Premium Blend, 2012 (72 per cent malbec, 28 cabernet sauvignon) Dark brilliant read. Intense berry aromas lead to a sell balanced, deeply flavoured and smooth wine that should be enjoyed with flavourful foods i.e medium rare steaks, medium rare roast rib of beef, game stews, hard ripe cheeses, (manchego, idiazabal, parmegiano reggiano, zoriat with thyme, sbrinz, aged cheddar)

Magdalena Toso Ultra Premium Blend, 2012 (malbec 73 per cent and cabernet sauvignon 27)
A superbly crafted wine exuding ripe blueberry, strawberry and raspberry aromas. Multi layered, full bodied, well balanced, and refined. Long aftertaste.

The tasting concluded with a double magnum (3 litre) 125th anniversary wine, 2007, which was the best of all, presented. Only 125 bottles were produced. Only one word describes this wine.
Excellent! Unfortunately it is not available.

Pascal  Toso wines are represented in Ontario by Eurovintage.
416 494 2881, info@eurovintage,com
All non-General list wines can be ordered by contacting Eurovintage.

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