Pasquale Brothers in Toronto – A Gourmet Heaven

Pasquale Brothers
Pasquale Brothers

Gourmet everywhere always look for grocers who care about the food they sell. These grocers travel extensively to find rare and delicious foods for their clients, since food means life, and good life comes from quality food.

Such grocers will not sell no-name vinegar or no-name olive oil; they stock red wine vinegar, or sherry vinegar, or balsamic vinegar, or extra virgin olive oil from Spain, or Italy and from reputable processors. If you are looking for fine cheeses they have them, ditto black olives in all its variations.

Pasquale Brothers was founded in 1917 to cater to Italian grocery stores in Toronto, and on demand to other provinces. Torontonians started frequenting the store on 145 King Street east. The store was close to the Saint Lawrence market and gourmets went to Pasquale to shop after they had secured their produce and fruits in the market.

Over the years the old three-storey building became too small for the huge inventory and it was difficult to transport cases from the landing to floors, as well as to load trucks for deliveries.

Anna Marie, the owner and manager, decided to relocate to a modern, large premises for more efficiency in Etobicoke. She travels at least twice a year to European food exhibitions to find flavorful and unique foods.

If you are looking for Canadian, or Danish, or Dutch, or French, of Greek, or German cheeses, or extra virgin olive oils ( i.e almond, truffle-, walnut oil just to name a few), or balsamic or red wine vinegar, or olives, jams, biscotti, speciality honeys, coffee, tea, rice, spices, herbs or canned foods of all types yo will find them at Pasquale. The prices are very reasonable, the service impeccable, and offerings from all over the world. Ample parking is available.

The store is close to a high quality German bakery and many other European speciality food stores.

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