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Best Places To Stop For A Beer In Victoria.

BeerThere’s nothing more Australian then having a beer at the local pub, regardless of which town or city you are in. Victoria has countless places to drop in for a beer as well as heaps of places where it’s even better to grab a cold six pack of your own and just sit back and enjoy the scenery. If you like the occasional beer, here are some great places to enjoy one.

Ballarat – This historic town has over fifty pubs! That’s right, fifty, so there is certainly no shortage of options. From historic pubs to more modern classy joints, there is a pub to suit everyone’s taste in this centre among the gold fields. Home to one of Australia’s largest uprising against government taxes, the Eureka Stockade, nothing could be more Aussie than having a beer and toasting the bravery of the Eureka rebels. Ballarat accommodation options include lots of charming pubs where all you’ll need to do is stumble upstairs if you decide to have more than a couple.

Melbourne – If you are a fan of the neighbourhood pub, there are hundreds to choose from in this great city. Whether you are a punk, hipster, or your average backpacker, have a search around and you’ll find more than one favourite place to wet your whistle. The CBD has dozens of pubs to choose from though for a little more character, it’s definitely worth branching out into the neighbourhoods on the edge of downtown. Jump on one of the awesome Melbourne tours to get an idea of what is available when choosing your next place to grab a pint.

Hall’s Gap – The main town in the Grampian’s National Park, Hall’s Gap is nestled in among amazing landscape and teeming wildlife. This is one of those spots where grabbing your own six-pack and picking a spot is the way to go. There are loads of picnic areas with shelters and free barbeques, so grab a table and knock the top off a couple while you watch the emus, kangaroos and cockatoos do their thing.

Port Campbell – Situated on the stunning Great Ocean Road , Port Campbell is a great little town and the local Hotel is one of the best in the area. What better way to escape from the crowds of tourists than to duck into the local pub. A popular hang out with the locals, and complete with a fine bistro and even accommodation upstairs, drop in for a beer and find out about the hidden gems this area has to offer.

Fish Creek – Located minutes from Wilson ’s Promontory National Park, this cute little town is well worth stopping in at for some refreshment. The local pub, fitted out with a huge ‘stunned mullet’ sprawled across its roof, is a favourite of locals from towns around this region and a great way to get a feel for this part of Gippsland.

Having a beer on a hot day is a great way to relax, especially if the company is good and you find a good spot. These places all definitely fit the bill so if you find yourself nearby and have a bit of a thirst, you know what to do.

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