Planning a Party, Read on…


For some families or singles, throwing a party is fun, social event, meeting new, exciting people, and enjoyment of food all wrapped up in one.

Organising a party requires good planning. After all, you want to spend time with your friends rather than slave in the kitchen with delicate sauces and soufflés that require precise timing and undivided attention to detail

First, invite like-minded people who enjoy crowds, decide what kind of event you want – finger foods, sit-down dinner, BBQ, just dips, cheese and few snacks.

Regardless of your intentions plan well and cook in advance as much as possible. You can cook a thick soup, and freeze several days ahead, or just cook the day before.

Wash the salad greens and dry them in the morning, prepare the dressing.

A well-made beef stew pleases everyone, and for vegetarians prepare a ratatouille. Roasted potatoes can be prepared ahead of time and just placed in the oven just before guests arrive.

For dessert, you can prepare a parfait and portion it, or serve ice cream garnished with fresh- or dried- or candied fruit. Cakes represent another fine opportunity to show off your baking and decorative ingenuity.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the choices are practically limitless, but do not overdo. A full bar, plus wine is nice, but leads to overindulgence and ties you down. You may have to hire a bartender.

You can go with wine and beer, and see that everyone as enough to drink but not too much. Consider the repercussions of any of your guests getting involved in an accident, fatal or otherwise.

Above all, spend time with your guests. They are there to socialize with you and mingle with others, and you want the same.

Create a relaxed atmosphere to ensure all your guests savour every minute of your presence.

Music contributes greatly to any social event. You must choose accordingly. For a sit-down dinner classical music as background is fine, if you want to dance, the choices are limitless. For a French dinner, you may want to consider appropriate music. Ditto for Italian. Japanese, Mexican or Spanish.

Always stipulate beginning and approximate time to wrap up and try to the extent possible, adhere to it.

A memorable party does not have to be lavish, but well thought out fun, social affair to please everyone present including you.