Planning the Perfect Buck’s Night in Sydney.


When it comes to planning a buck’s night for your mate, there are so many options that it can be difficult to know where to start! Whether he is the kind of guy who likes full on action all the time or he likes to sit back, relax and smell the flowers, the pressure is on you to come up with a weekend he’ll never forget (or maybe one he’ll never remember!)

If you’re planning on having the celebrations in Sydney, we’ve got the perfect list of tips and tricks to make sure it’s a great night for all involved, whether you’re going all out or having something a bit more low-key.

Where to Stay

Depending on what you’re going to be doing to celebrate, it’s a good idea to stay in the city. This is where you’re going to be closest to the most options in terms of dining and drinking, and it will help you all save on taxis/designated drivers if you’re all within stumbling distance from your hotel!

What to Do

What you do will depend entirely on the kind of person your friend is, and what your budget is. If, like many buck’s celebrations, you decide to make a weekend of it, it’s possible to include a few activities.

During the day there are so many options for entertainment that the only challenge will be deciding on one! If you’re into some more active fun you can choose to go paint-balling at a location just outside the city, or perhaps take a surf lesson down on the world famous Bondi Beach. If you’d prefer to relax during the day there are a range of beautiful beaches to enjoy, as well as some great beer-gardens where you can chill out with some afternoon drinks.

A Sydney Harbour dinner cruise is always a great way to experience the sights of the city, as well as enjoy a beautiful meal. You can find some great deals that include alcohol, so the celebrations can really kick off in style! After dinner, there are plenty of great clubs and pubs around Sydney that you can kick on at, including the James Squire brewery, in Cockle Bay Wharf.

For a raucous night out, there’s nowhere better than Kings Cross. Packed to the brim with clubs, bars and strip-clubs, it’s the place to be for people with partying on their agenda. Depending on how many of you there are it could be more economical to hire a limo-driver for an hour to take you from the city to Kings Cross, but you can just as easily catch a train or a taxi.

However you choose to spend your buck’s celebration, Sydney is the perfect place in which to host it. Between the nightlife, the dining options and the beautiful beaches around Sydney, there’s no way your buck will have anything but a stellar time.

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