Pompeii, a major Roam Empire port near Naples and Mount Vesuvius, was completely covered with ash and destroyed in 79 A.D. by an eruption of the volcanic mountain.

Mount Vesuvius, now dormant, heaped upon Pompeii, with area of 44 hectares, and two hectares of underground cellars, ash and pumice four to six metres in depth. The whole city disappeared from the face of the earth.

It remained completely covered for 1500 years and was accidentally discovered in 1599.

Since then archaeologists have been excavating intact cadavers of humans and animals. Sporadic enforcements to buildings and walls were made to prevent them from collapsing.

Today, Pompeii attracts approximately three million tourists annually and the nearby village Pompeii benefits greatly from tourism.

Trading Greeks or Phoenicians who at the time were the leading merchants in eastern Mediterranean funded Pompeii in the sixth or eighth century B.C possibly.

The city-prospered ad grew under Roman occupation and rule. Romans built the theatre, a swimming pool (natatorium) for bathing, the aqueduct, and the house of gladiators, which unfortunately collapsed in 2010 due to poor maintenance.

Romans also helped lay out the city better, encouraged wine making, introduced the idea of street vending and trattoria (informal food and drink places), and pubic houses for prostitutes (House of Chaste Lovers) where they even had “menus” regarding clients’ position preferences. It collapsed in 2010 due to negligence.


Pompeii’s wine industry was well equipped (according to prevailing standards of the time). The wines were well made in earthenware fermentation vessels buried underground. Like in every site in Italy, you must hire an official guide to explain the history and point out all the historically important places.
Frankly, while in many cities and sites an official guide may be replaced by a thorough guidebook, in Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum (another city that was completely buried by the same eruption) a local guide is a good “investment”.


is a world heritage site under the protection of the Ministry of Culture of Italy, but unfortunately, due to budget constraints, maintenance work has been very erratic and for long stretches non-existent.

Now approximately 30 per cent of Pompeii is considered adequately secured. Expert claim that approximately 350 million Euros are needed to safeguard the excavated ancient city, neither the Italian government nor UNESCO has the means to do it.

For this reason alone, individuals interested in archaeology should make a point of visiting the ruins now before it is too late.

And who knows when or whether Mount Vesuvius will again erupt?




  1. Pompeii is one of the earliest things I remember studying in High School history. Or maybe it was Latin class. I trudged through two years of it in two different states. It was many years later that I realized my English vocabulary tripled as a result.
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  2. Thanks for the history lesson on the Pompeii wine region.
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  3. i have dreamed of the same place since i was a liitle girl. A place i have never been. After reseraching into our family history and also simply looking for what i dreamed i came to find out that my family is from naples and i have been dreaming my entire life of a specific building. That totally startled me. Since then i have been trying to save and go…Have yet to do so. Any suggestions on where to stay or best (lest exspensive ) way to get there?

  4. I want to visit Pompeii. I have heard great stories and seen some great pictures from friends.

  5. Honestly speaking, each time I think of Pompeii and look at those ashed cadavers I feel myself really scared imagining how those people were suffering and dying… and the way they were burried…..horrible. However, a great article, thank you.

  6. It’s sad that those buildings collapsed due to negligence. I didn’t hear about that until reading this.

    @VyshniaIgor I don’t think they suffered, I think it was so fast and quick that it just scared them but they were dead before they even felt anything. The reason they were preserved so well was because it erupted so quickly that no one had time to even jump out of bed!

  7. The Pompeii story is really great, but now I want to try some Pompeii region wine!
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  8. Great post, I also read a history about Pompeii, that In the year A.D. 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and Pompeii was buried under six meters of ash and rock (the equivalent of a two story building), and it lay beneath the hardened earth for centuries undiscovered. In 1748, under the Bourbon king Charles III (also king of Spain), the first excavation was carried out. This king also built the beautiful archaeological museum in Naples to house the treasures.

  9. Pompeii is one of those historical moments that captivates me. I could only imagine what was going through their minds when all that was going down. Thanks for the breakdown of events.

  10. For sure, when it was happening, it was really devastating. It was a very rich region, and it was really regretful what happened. It will always be a historical place and the event will always remind the world of those more or less 2000 who died that time.
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  11. It would be really amazing to see the ruins of Pompeii. I have seen other ruins in the Middle East but Pompeei would top them all!
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  12. I was fortunate enough to visit Pompeii about 14 years ago, during my 18-day adventure in Italy. I also got to traverse Vesuvius, which had a small eruption a few days after I’d returned home.

    What an amazing and fascinating trip it was, and I wish I’d been mature enough to appreciate it all. I can’t wait to return, especially with my husband and little girl.

  13. Such an interesting article! Makes me want to learn more about Italian history and Pompeii.
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  14. That’s so interesting and captivating! Love the article nice job

  15. Humans seem naturally more drawn to the negative than the positive. Pompeii was a great civilization with a lot to offer, but it will be remembered for all time for its destruction.

  16. Pompeii is one of the most valuable sites in the world for archaeology. Whenever I watch a documentary about it and see the stoned bodies laying there, it makes me sorry though.
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  17. Pompeii has been on my “bucket list” since I studied it at school. To this day I am still wanting to visit this amazing city captured in a moment of time. You have inspired me to once again investigate this amazing place, write about it, and hopefully in the very near future visit. Thank you for re-lighting my passion for this city.

  18. Are going to suffer the fate of Pompeii.That is a we in the last days of Pompeii with all the natural disaster that we are experiencing such as what happened in Japan recently. I hope

  19. I was surprised to see so much comes from such a small area, as our company actually gets yarn from around the Pompeii region as well. Nice to know other exports are coming from there as well.

  20. I visited Pompeii nearly eighteen years ago courtesy of the US Navy. It’s one of the only historical sites I visited in Italy, and it was simply breathtaking. I hope to return someday and not only take the tour but a grand tour of Italy.

  21. Never been to Pompeii but I know one day I’ll be able to. Anyway I saw Nat Geo’s documentary about Pompeii. So tragic ending for the entire community-they were engulf by mount Vesuvius ashes. Hope to never experience that kind of volcanic tragedy.
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  22. I just came back from Lanzarote island (great wine, sights, beaches, people, prices, weather) so now I am really anxious to plan my next holiday trip. Pompeii shure looks nice. Are Pompeii expansive?

  23. I also never been there but feeling attraction to be…
    I have highly fascination on historical tour.

  24. Hey.. this is a good seems the author knows the subject well. It is a good site indeed. Liked good one )).

  25. Yeah, well, ya shoulda been there! Oh, and thanks for the compliment and a tip o’ the hat to ya!

  26. I remember studying about Pompeii in High School history,I feel myself really scared imagining
    how this people were suffering and dying …

  27. “and pubic houses for prostitutes”

    Hilarious typo made it even more enjoyable reading LOL

  28. Pompeii and Roam Empire has a great importance in history. This disaster will keep on remind us that human is nothing to nature. So we should respect to nature. Would love to visit some day. Learned more about Roam.

  29. Pompeii reminds me the excellent Pink Floyd live video concert there. It was amazing to have the world’s best sounds on the ruined land of Pompeii. Amazing feeling.
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  30. good to hear that time has kept so many unknown truth like this one.

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  32. Very educational posts that you provide in here. You helped the readers through historical way about the history of Pompeii. Glad to hear that the nearby village Pompeii benefits greatly from tourism. I just hope that Mount Vesuvius eruption will not happen again…
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  36. Humans seem naturally more drawn to the negative than the positive. Pompeii was a great civilization with a lot to offer, but it will be remembered for all time for its destruction