Pravda Vodka.

Pravda VodkaPravda Vodka

Pravda Vodka the starting point of the phenomenal popularity of vodka in North America dates back to 1950’2. it was thanks to Brown Foreman, (a giant liquor marketing organization)that vodka was introduced into the marketplace. At fist people showed little interest in this colourless spirit with a neutral alcohol taste but it had a punch and did leave the mouth odourless after ingestion. Very good when stopped by police. In those days the police determined drunkenness, at least at first, by smelling alcohol in the breath.

Then suddenly, the cocktail Moscow mule burst into the marketplace, followed by Harvey Wallbanger – and people started consuming vodka in unprecedented quantities.

Vodka is now the best selling spirit, and every year more luxury brands like Pravda Vodka, from Poland, to Iceberg (Canada) to Skyy, Tito’s Handmade Vodka (USA), Grey Goose (France) and many others inundated liquor store shelves.

Pravda’s origins date back to 1743 in southern Poland, to the district Bielsko-Biala in the Carpathian Mountains. The region has the purest spring water and grows the best organic rye.

Pravda Vodka

is distilled five times and uses rye only, while most others are distilled three times, and use any starch-containing cereal; in North America mostly, wheat and/or corn.

Rye yields much softer and purer vodka. Potatoes are used only to produce two percent of the vodka worldwide. It is a myth that potato produces the best vodka.

Poland and Russia claim to have invented vodka, but to date, historians have not been able to determine conclusively, which of the two should get credit.

In Poland, the 16th century was a tome of honour, patriotism and cultural revolution. King Augustus III and Polish nobles enjoyed great prestige in European courts and were known for their hospitality, sophistication, and good taste of all things, especially enjoyment of their beloved vodka.

A royal decree in 1572 had given the nobility exclusive rights to distil and market vodka.

Te distilleries were manages by trusted experienced local elders with a mandate to produce smooth vodka.

Pravda Vodka in Poland and Russia is indisputably the most popular and abused spirit.

There exist impeccable products and the worst imaginable.

Pravda Vodka starts with sweet rye, pure Carpathian Mountain water, and the most modern distilling equipment.

By distilling five times, the highest level of purity is achieved.

This highly refined vodka is produces in limited quantities, and is now available in Ontario. It comes in a frosted bottle studded with a fake diamond.

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Pravda Vodka