Principality of Liechtenstein

Principality of Liechtenstein
Principality of Liechtenstein

This small hilly Central European principality located between Switzerland and Austria is one of the wealthiest sovereign states of Europe with a personal GDP of more than $ 140 000.00. The landmass is 160 km2, representing one of the smallest sovereign states in Central Europe, and the population rarely exceeds 37 000.

The wealth of Liechtenstein is the result of low taxation of companies headquartered in the country. The number of international companies registered, in the capital Vaduz, exceeds the total population of Liechtenstein. The economy is based besides favourable taxation, on banking, postage stamp printing, light industries, insurance and tourism.

This constitutional monarchy’s roots reach back to 5300 B C.

The Vaduz Castle, the national museum, the Gutenberg Castle, the Red House of Schellenberg, the Stamp Museum, Ski Museum and Rural Lifestyle Museum attract thousands of tourists every year.

Although Vaduz, the capital, is economically important, Schaans has a larger population.

Liechtenstein has no airport (the closest is Zurich’s Kloten), but has excellent bus, and train connections to the rest of all European countries. Defence is provided by the Swiss Army.


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