Quebec Food Artisans


Quebec and Quebecois enjoy delicacies such as chocolates, fine cookies, foie gras, rabbit, cheese, mustard, smoked salmon, maple syrup , specialty breads just to name a few.

Quebec maintains a promotion office in Toronto that organizes an annual tasting of artisan foods.

This year, several bakeries (Boulart, Premiere, and Moison), dairy establishments ( La Fromegerie, Champetre, Le Bedoin, Plaisires Gourmets, and Fromages CDA), Morhouse Condiment (mustard), and several chocolatiers participated in offering their products to eager gourmets. I was impressed with the quality of breads, cheeses (Douannier, Mamirolle, Fetard, Ermite, Bleu Fume, Bleu Benedictine, Cabourou, Inspire, Baluchon, Tete de Papineau, Fleur St Michel).

Smoked salmon from Monsieur Emile, and Etablisment Grizzly taste simply delicious. Both companies offer sliced smoked salmon ready to serve, and fillets for restaurants. La Nougaterie’s, Delices Koukla’s, Point G Gourmet Bliss’, and several maple syrup producers products are delicious and worth looking for.

Quebec produces several foods and beverages that stand out in their exquisite taste.

They are available in Ontario’s larger cities in high-end grocery stores. Look for them you will be pleasantly surprised.

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