Rare Whiskies and Other Spirits


Rare whiskies of all sorts now enjoy an unprecedented popularity among young and old wealthy consumers, and liquor control boards everywhere in Canada, but particularly in Ontario, and Quebec import some for spirit drinkers to experience taste sensations they never had before.

Recently, the team at the L.C.B.O in charge of marketing rare spirits offered an opportunity to taste some.

Here are my recommendations. (They are available in big stores, but Ontario residents anywhere in the province can order them from the store manager. It takes at least a week).

Yellow Rose Straight Rye, U.S.A
Copper amber in colour. Smells of vanilla and pine, and more corn than rye. Slightly sweet with a mils palate.
45 ABV ( Alcohol by volume)
$ 79.95

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, South Africa
Pale yellow greenish colour. Spicy with sweet and spicy undertones.
Mellow with a smooth finish
43 ABV
$ 48.45

Yellow Rose Double Barrel Bourbon, U.S.A
Amber to mahogany in colour. Smells of roasted cocoa beans, plums, maple syrup. Pleasant texture with a short finish
43 ABV
$ 59.95

Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, Scotland
Mild mouth feel. Recommended to enjoy on its own with a little water.
43 ABV 89/100
$ 54.95

Springbank Peated Campbelltown Single Malt, Scotland
Peat smells greet the nose. In the mouth, its creamy texture, rich fruit and herbal flavours enfold. A mild whisky with a long finish.
46 ABV
$ 97.95

Jura Prophecy, Scotland
Peat, aniseed smells jump out of the glass. A “muscular” whisky with nutmeg, caraway, and sea spray flavours. Long finish
43 ABV
$ 98.95

Jura origins 10 year old, Scotland
Peat and spice smells are evident to the nose. Excellent, smooth mouth feel with underlying herbal and vanilla flavours. An excellent whisky to enjoy on its own or after a rich meal.
43 ABV
$ 49.95

Tormore 14 Year old, Scotland
Fruity on the nose. Spice and vanilla flavours in the mouth. A pure, smooth whisky that should provide immense pleasure to the scotch aficionado.
43 ABV
$ 69.95

Knob Creek Rye, U.S.A
Golden colour. Smells of maize and smoke. Mild, and highly enjoyable.
50 ABV

Three Ships Five Year Old (A blend of Scotch and South African whiskies)
Light in texture. Brownish yellow in colour. Use in cocktails or on its own with a little water to unlock its flavour.
43 ABV
$ 34.95

Bowmore Tempest Island Single Malt, Scotland
Brilliant yellow colour. Cask strength ( 55.9 ABV). A lightly pleated whisky
$ 81.95

The Glenlivet XXV Year Old Single Malt, Scotland
Dark nutty brown. Spicy with a pronounced and distinct flavour. Long finish,
43 BV
$ 345.95

Starthisla 12 year old, Scotland
pale amber colour. Distinct fresh herbal, vanilla, aromas underlined by malt and toasty flaovurs.
logn finish
40 abv
% 57.95

Aberlour 18 year old, Scotland
Deep old gold colour. Caramel, spice and dried fruit smells dominate the nose. In the mouth, cloves, raisins, spice flavours become evident. Mellow with a long finish.
40 ABV
$ 148.95

New Grove Old Tradition Rum, Mauritius Island
This five-year-old elegant, light, fruity rum deserves to be sipped on its own from a snifter.
700 ml. $ 44.95

Caol Ila 15 Year Old, Scotland
60.39 ABV Cask strength

Canadian Rye Vodka, Gilead Distillery, Ontario, Canada

Death’s Door Gin, 2005, Washington island Wisconsin, U.S.A

Sombra Mezcal, Mexico
No price provided

Plantation Guatemala Anjeo Rum (Distilled in Guatemala and aged in Belize)

Rum Dos Maderas PX
700 ml $ 64.65

Del Duque VORS Amontillado Sherry, Gonzales Byass, Spain
375 ml $ 38.95

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