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Real food/fake food

Real Food/Fake Food is an invaluable book for every North American. It explains in minute detail how millions are being taken advantage of due to their ignorance of food and beverage quality, taste, texture, their provenance and possibilities of passing on fraudulent food.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) have two different mandates, and todate have tolerated all the food fraud that has been perpetrated by ranchers, food manufacturers, and marketers.

This is a fantastic book that contains at least some of the most blatant fraud. It is illuminating and surprising to learn how in a developed country such rampant food fraud can continue with official agencies in charge of controlling food and beverage fraud.

According to the author, 95 per cent of all olive oil sold in the U S A is adulterated in some fashion. The most stringent controls in the production of olive oil exist only in Australia and Chile.

The anecdotal style of writing is easy to read and understand for all who care about what they eat.

Food is medicine, and ultimately affects your health. Your eating habits determine your level of health and in many cases the length of your life.

Gallo Brothers who once owned world’s largest winery, got rich selling “Hearty Burgundy” that has never seen an hour’s worth of Burgundian sunshine. The term itself is a dichotomy as Burgundy reds are never hearty but elegant and refined.

Parmegiano reggiano, the famous hard cheese from Emilia Romagna’s Parma region, is unashamedly sold in grated form, but which has absolutely no semblance to the original. The grated cheese sold as Parmesan by one of the largest food processors in

the world happens to be American.

The same is true for champagne. This noble sparkling wine originates in one of France’s famous wine producing regions called Champagne. There is no such sparkling wine that can be produced anywhere else in the world, as every wine and food produced depends on terroir and tradition.

The same is true for Scotch whisky, or Irish whiskey, or Canadian whisky.

RealFood/Fake Food belongs to every North American family’s book shelf, and should serve as a regular reference source.

Highly recommended. Buy it today!


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