Reasons for Food Sensitivities Disorder


There are many reasons which make a person insensitive to certain food elements. For example, a person might have intolerance to cereals, milk and bread. Now, a number of factors play a great role in emerging such sensitivity. The following facts will help you to know more about the reasons which initiate such intolerance.

Gluten free Food Item for People with Food Sensitivities

  • If you consume too much of processed foods, then you might be diagnosed with food sensitivities. The food items that you think have the label of fresh stamped upon them are not actually free in reality. The food items are first picked and then selected from a certain part of the world and then are made to process and packaged. The time that takes them to deliver is ample enough for chemical reactions to take place within them. Now, a number of chemicals are used for preserving the food items. You cannot deny the fact that all these preservatives degrade the quality of the food items.
  • A number of additives are also incorporated in the food items to make them look more healthy and attractive. This is mainly implemented for a cosmetic appeal and also for enhancing their taste. If you look into the U.S directory, then you will be able to know about 5000 chemicals that have been categorized as additives and which are extensively used by the food industry for various purposes such as bleaching, thickening, emulsifying and flavoring and many other activities.
  • Parasitic infections can be considered to be another vital reason which initiates chemical imbalances within our body and this in turn affects out immune system and ultimately becomes the reason of food intolerance.
  • Indigestion is one of the most complicated physical problems that happen in a body.  Whether it is vaccinations or through direct exposure, certain amounts of metals do make entry to our system and makes it quite impossible for smooth digestion process. This leads us to come up with different types of health problems for example food sensitivities.

Gluten Free Recipe

Different people have intolerance to different food items. For some people it is gluten that makes their life literally impossible to eat anything other than plain water. The below recipe is completely devoid of all gluten ingredients and at the same time promises to be scrumptious to your taste buds.

For the recipe, you will need to arrange and put together certain elements and these are namely 3 pounds of chicken wings, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon zest and juice and about one third of Sunbutter, one tablespoon of honey, fish sauce and toasted seeds of sesame.

It is necessary that you preheat the oven beforehand. Ensure that all the ingredients such as garlic, oil, salt and pepper are well mixed together. Coat the chicken wings with the mixture and then layer them with baking sheets and put them to bake. Combine the rest of the ingredients together and heat upon a pan. Cook until the mixture turns into a smooth finish. Once the wings are cooked, smear the cooked sauce upon the wings and then again put to bake for the next ten minutes. Then sprinkle the dish with sesame seeds and put to serve.


We hope that the above article has been able to help you understanding the reason which leads to food sensitivities and how you can have a wonderful gluten free dish for you in the weekends.

Author’s Bio: Simon Hopes is a proficient writer who has vast knowledge on healthy diet. He regularly contributes articles on food sensitivities, diet for weight management.

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