Reasons to make Turkey your dreamy destination


Tourism in Turkey is a largely developed industry and among the best tourist destinations in the world. With its rich historic and cultural background, Turkey has become a popular tourist destination from all over the world. In recent years, Turkey has attracted more than 30 million foreign tourists which makes Turkey to be ranked as the sixth most popular tourist destination. Turkey has beautiful sea side resorts along the Mediterranean coast which form part of the main tourist destinations for the exceptional quality of services offered such as spa treatment and wellness. With this in mind. Turkey becomes a dream destination. Here are five top destinations that you can visit;

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

It is popularly known as the Blue mosque because of the interior blue tiles. It has a dome height of 43m.The mosque was built in 1609 during the reign of Ahmed, hence the source of its name. It contains a tomb which was used to bury its founder. It is still used as a place of worship to present day. Sultan Ahmed mosque is definitely a place to visit on your tour to Turkey.


Pamukkale is located in the south western part of Turkey in denizli province. It has thermal pools which attracts tourists from all over the world. Pamukkale is surrounded by the spectacular Hierapolis ruins, which also form a main tourist spot. The site also contains terraces of carbonate minerals which are formed as a result of the flowing hot water from the springs

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is a cultural and historical symbol of attraction found in South Eastern Turkey. Large Statues from ancient times are carved at the mountain’s summit. The statues are spectacular and attractive and tourists come from all over to take photos of the historical statues. The statues are thought to be ancient royal tombs I The rich cultural heritage and magnificent landscape make Mount Nemrut a top tourist spot in Turkey.

Golden Horn Istanbul

Golden horn Istanbul is a horn shaped estuary and urban water way connecting the two sides of the Turkish capital, Istanbul, through the Bosphorus strait. It is a historic source of attraction with ancient harbours that were used to dock Greek, Roman and Ottoman ships. The Golden Horn has many restaurants, hotels and cafes that you never want to miss.

The Library of Celsus

The Library is a historic site of attraction. The library of Celsus is located in Selcuk in present day Turkey. Formerly, the location was the Roman city of Ephesus. Constructed by the ancient Romans, the Library was used to house scholarly and religious scrolls. Currently, and the library’s source of attraction is its ruins of what used to be part of the Roman city of Ephesus.

With the above among the top places to visit. Turkey is with no doubt a top tourist destination, rich in history and cultural heritage. To get you started, what you need is a turkish e-visa and make Turkey your dreamy destination.


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