Red’s Bistro – Toronto


This downtown restaurant is laid out on two floors – the street level counter and bar section is for people who like quick service, and the second floor is for more leisurely table service.

Both levels combined offer 260 plus seats.

The menu is short, but geared to business people with eclectic palates.

When it comes to the beverage list wines dominate, but the beer section offers relatively large choice albeit not delineated by ale and lager style beers. The wine section contains many spelling errors and fails to mention that tax and tip are added tot eh bill.

The restaurant is airy and well lit. Table are large enough to comfortable eating.

The breaded deep-fried calamari, pan-roasted salmon, and grilled ahi tuna that were ordered were all cooked to satisfaction.

A carafe of white carafe of wine was served as requested from a freshly opened bottle. This is something laudable; as most restaurants would never bother to do such a thing, and serve whatever open bottle was hanging around at the bar.

Service was well paced, quiet and efficient, although the server forgot to serve bread and butter and had to be reminded.

Dessert (carrot cake) appealingly presented was tasty.

Overall, this businessman’s restaurant caters to guests working in financial establishments.

The food quality is fine, prices are acceptable, and beverage choice above average.

No parking is a great disadvantage. Dinner business seems to be much less busy than lunch.

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