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River CruisesRiver Cruises

Visiting many cities in river cruise ships has become quite popular in North America, the Mediterranean region, Baltic countries, on east and west South American Coasts, and in the Far East mainly due to marketing efforts of cruise boat companies specializing in this segment of the industry.

Some of these cruise boats are very large, capable of accommodating up to 1000 passengers. Many offer multiple restaurants as, bars and several entertainment venues, and sport facilities.

While thousands enjoy travelling in these boats sharing space with hundreds of others, there are individuals who prefer smaller river cruise boats. Typically these cruise boats are designed to accommodate 90 – 240 passengers (some may accommodate up to 1000), are low draft vessels, and never sail on “rough” seas.

River cruises are more intimate, sail at a low speed, and passengers enjoy changing scenery at every bend of the river. You gain a completely different perspective of the landscape as the boat sails past vineyards, small towns, other boats, and opportunities to visit small towns frequently,

You don’t have to pay extra for land excursions as the boat landings are in town. All you have to do is cross the land plank, then you are on terra firma and downtown to enjoy the environment, maybe an espresso in a sidewalk café, or a glass of local wine if visiting Burgundy, or the Rhine, or the Moselle.

Generally, river cruises last seven days or a fortnight and prices include food, entertainment. Alcoholic beverages and other services must be paid separately.

On shore activities may include museums, art or craft galleries, points of interest and cultural sites.

Several companies organize river cruises in different countries and regions i.e. in France Burgundy, in Russia Volga, or between Moscow and St. Petersburg and on the Volga (the largest European river), in Germany the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam, in Egypt the Nile (world’s longest), in Peru the Amazon (world’s largest by volumetric discharge and largest draining basin), in Austria on the Danube (starting in Vienna and ending on the shores of the Black Sea), in the U S A on the Mississippi typical paddle boats.

Food quality ranges from good to adequate, pending on price and country, but always enough to satisfy even the hungriest person in the group.

Prices of river cruises range from low to reasonable to luxury.

All depends on the complexity, costs of landings, the standard of life of the country being visited, size of cabins, and the age of the boat.

River cruise boats travel at slower speeds and the scenery passes by in slow motion. You want to enjoy a cruise, choose a river boat.

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River Cruises