Some Of The Romantic Italian Getaways.


Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world; it offers so many different cities, each having its own significance. People like to come here for enjoying their vacations with the loved one; especially the romantic cities by taking the Car hire italy services. Out of all, there are few cities, which offer the best romantic trip experience and are visited a lot by the couples for honeymoon purpose like:

  • Venice: Enjoy the romantic moments in a boat with the loved in the this beautiful city, other than islands, Venice also offers so many different sightseeing locations like monuments, museums, churches, art galleries, etc. which can be explored by hiring a car in very easy way. The scenic beauty creates a perfect romantic ambience and makes the trip more enjoyable.
  • Tuscany: This city is amazingly beautiful, with its natural scenic beauty and sightseeing locations, couples like to come here by hiring a car. The villas and farmhouses are very much popular as they offer perfect luxurious feel, make sure to book them in advance for getting the availability.
  • Lake Como: It is a very small place; it is like a romantic village as it is situated in such a place that one can explore the amazing scenic beauty during the stay. Beautiful hills surround the city and offers peaceful atmosphere, which adds up to the romantic ambience.
  • Portofino: This place is very amazing; it is naturally designed in a half moon shape which makes it more interesting. Couples can enjoy the views, various tourist spots and delicious dinning service in the lap of nature with peace. It offers ample of private time to the couples for enjoying their honeymoon in the best way.
  • Positano: This city offers amazing scenic beauty and some of the best tourist spots; it is located on the vertical side of a cliff. Amazing views of the city can be enjoyed from some of the best accommodation areas.
  • Verona: The place got popular from the romantic novel; it is so much described in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that couples like to come here as it is taken as lover’s city as it offers perfect sightseeing areas for lovers.
  • Taormina: This city is liked by couples a lot as it offers the best resorts, equipped with all the luxurious amenities so that couples can enjoy their honeymoon in the best possible way.

These cars are available in various size, colors and brands, couples can select them as per the need and use, the rates varies from one to other. They are the best means of travelling; couples can enjoy the views and can spend the romantic moments in the best way.

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