Safety Tips for Solo women Travellers.

travel woman

Many women, including executives, travel solo these days. Chances are their numbers will increase substantially in the near future.

While most take necessary precautions for their safety, some young, inexperienced travellers carelessly expose themselves to unnecessary risks.

First and foremost, if you are travelling in Middle Eastern countries solo, men will regard you as fair game especially if you dress “provocatively”. Even in the Vatican women wearing shorts (any type of short) are refused entry to the basilica.

In North America during daylight, streets are generally safe, but after dark, unlit back alleyways should be avoided. Avoid back alleys in any city for your safety.

Beyond common sense precautions, women travellers can do the following:

Ask the maitre d’hotel to assign you a table close to the entrance.

In resort operations, ask front office clerks for second or third floor rooms without balconies.

Do not drink to excess in any bar.

Dress modestly and try to blend in wear (minimal jewellery, do not wear short shorts, or shorts in hot countries, and cover your head in Muslim countries, especially when visiting mosques)

Be very watchful of pickpockets. They work in pairs, or as a gang. One will try to distract you while the other will pick your pockets or purse.

Use travel a well-designed belt.

Never divulge personal information if someone ask about your profession, city, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.

Refuse invitations for dinner from males you do not know or briefly met.

Keep emergency funds in a separate and safe place, including a photocopy of the first few ages of your passport.

Never leave your passport with a room clerk in a “socialist” country, even if the front office clerk insists.

Be ware that men offering to help carry your luggage may have ulterior motives. Use well known Delivery Services.

Never exchange money on the street, even if the rate offered is for in excess of the official rate.

If you are an avid photographer and carry expensive cameras and accessories, but a local sturdy grocery bag with the large logo of the company and use it to carry your camera and a few accessory lenses.

If and when people approach you to guide you or show you the city, politely and firmly, refuse.

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