A Sake Primer

A Sake Primer

Sake is the favourite alcoholic beverage of Japanese. Contrary to what most people believe, sake is brewed, although it looks completely unlike western style beer.

Sake has become a trendy sipper, but there is more to its growing popularity than mere urban chic.

Elegant, subtle and delicious chilled premium sake has food-friendly disposition that makes it an exciting and exotic alternative, especially with sushi and sashimi, all kinds of seafood, and chicken.

There are eight quality levels of sake. (From best to least)

Junmai daiginjo-shu (The rice is polished below 50 per cent)
Daiginjo shu
Junmai ginjo-shu (The rice polished below 60 per cent)
Tokubetsu junmai-shu
Junmai-shu (The rice is polished below 70 per cent)
Honjozo sakes contain added alcohol, and are less polished.

Daiginjo sakes are brewed using rice that is polished down to 50 per cent. They are light, aroamtic, and fruity, and pair well with Japanese seafood and chicken specialties.

Now there are now also sparkling sakes.

High quality sakes may be unfiltered and cloudy, slightly sweet, or off dry, and go well with oriental specialties.

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