Samsø Labyrinten – The World’s Biggest Maze.

Samsø Labyrinten is the world’s biggest maze and it is really huge! And it is located in Samsø a Danish island.

World's Biggest Maze

As you can see it is a lot of trees and they are really high and it is impossible to ‘cheat’.

Samsø Labyrinten

This is the entrance where we bought the tickets and the puzzle with questions about Astrid Lindgren. Samsø Labyrinten is designed by Erik and Karen Poulsen and has an area of 645,835 ft2 (60,000 m2). Its path measures 16,830 ft (5,130 m). The maze opened to the public on May 6 2000. Go exploring and find your way to one of the mysterious places with the Temple, the Stone Circle, Place of H.C. Andersen or the Pyramid. Test your knowledge with exciting puzzles – in english. Choose yourself the distination in the Maze and duration of the tour from half an hour to 1½ hours.

Samsø Labyrinten

The paths are large and wide so no feelings of confinements.

Samsø Labyrinten

This is one of the poles with a number which gives us a question on the puzzle and a lead to the temple.

Samsø Labyrinten

Some art are located around the maze to look at.

Samsø Labyrinten

At last at the temple with a few misses under ways. This is a great activity for a family and for us. We did get to walk a lot and there were a lot of activities during the walking. We do recommend good footwear and not to visit the maze on the hottest summer days.

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World’s Biggest Maze

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